Friday, February 15, 2019

Top 5 Amazon Fashion Finds

My latest obsession? Amazon fashion! I am kinda of obsessed with not having to leave the house to purchase items AND that two-day day shipping with your Prime membership really it's it out of the ballpark for me.

Without further ado, I have compiled a list of my favorite Amazon fashion finds from accessories to shoes!

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
These have been a life saver for me since I am constantly on my computer and phone. Blue light blocking glasses block the unwanted blue light which helps you fall asleep faster and minimize headaches!

2. Winter Hat
Back when I lived in what felt like Anartica, I always purchased these winter hats off of Amazon. I loved how cheap they were but also super cute and warm
3. Swimsuits
I always purchase on trend swimsuits from Amazon. I love having lots of options, so picking up a few inexpensive swimsuits from Amazon really does the trick.
4. Shoes
Amazon has a huge selection of shoes (insert heart eyes). I love picking up the latest sneakers from Amazon.
5. Scarf
I am a little addicted to scarves, I just love how warm, fluffy, and cute they are. Amazon has tons at affordable prices. 
I hope you enjoyed this list of my top 5 Amazon Fashion Finds. What are some of your favs? Let me know down below!
P.S. this post may contain affiliate links 

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