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How to Increase Your Influenster Impact Score and Get a Vox Box

Lets get real- who doesn't want free stuff? Maybe it's just me, but nothing gets me more excited then not having to pull out my wallet. So stumbling along was right up my alley. If you aren't familiar with this website, Influenster basically sends people free items in hopes that those people will write reviews and get that product hyped. To me its seems like a win-win for everyone. Check out my insider tricks and tips to sore your way to the top and get those cute free boxes in the mail. 

Want to check out all the free stuff I have received from Influenster? Check the bottom of this post!

10 Tips to Increase Your Influenster Social Impact Score and Receive a Free Box:

 Just to note the best way to receive a free box is by having a high impact score, the tips down below will help make that happen!

 #1 Join Influenster and Link All Social Media

how to get free stuff

  • Sign up at and follow the initial directions. Then "link up" even if you don't have a big following! I linked up my Twitter and Instagram when I had under 100 followers and that is okay. Also make sure to link up your Pinterest and Youtube. I personally didn't have a Foursquare and Linkedin at the time so I left that be.
  • You know you have successfully linked your social media when you see a orange check mark along with the amount of followers you have
  • You can also link up Influenster with your blog for 100 points. This feature is at the bottom of the social media link ups. (you have to add their widget to your blog)

 #2 Apart from, Get your Social Media  Booming! 
  • The main way to get your social impact higher (which in turn is what determines if you receive free vox boxes) is to have followers on your social media.
  • Some ways to do this is just to stay engaged and current on social media sites. Tweet, like, follow, etc!
  • Here are mine: 
  • Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Youtube 

 #3 Back to Influenster- Get Some Expert Badges Unlocked

how to get free stuff

  • Expert badges are a great way to tell Influenster what your passionate about and in turn possibly receive free products. To unlock a badge you need to gain 100 points. You can do this by writing reviews which gives you 5 points, answering questions which gives you 5 points and sharing for 3 points.
  • In the lower part of the Fashionista Expert Badge its says "inactive since the last 30 days", the goal is to keep the phrase away. Showing that you are frequently on your expert badges, shows Influenster even more that you are ready for a vox box!

 #4 Unlock Lifestyle Badges

how to get free stuff
  •  Lifestyle badges give Influenster an idea about who you are and what is important to you. Some lifestyle badges include Wellness, Bookworm, and a Better world. But there are many more
  •  Unlock these badges by gaining 100 points

 #5 Go Crazy and Write Reviews
  • In my experience writing reviews is the best way to get a vox box. I write reviews for basically every product I use. You get 5 points towards that products Expert badge
  • Writing a good review means talk about each part of the product. Talk about the website or store you bought it from, the costumer service, the size, the coloring, etc. 

 #6 Invite Your Friends

how to get free stuff

  • You can invite up to 20 friends and all of your friends will give you 5 impact points
  • The more influential friends you have the better, you help them out and they help you out

 #6 Spend Some Time On Influenster Every Week

  • If you are serious about wanting to receive free products then you have to put in the effort and time. 
  • Every week write a few reviews, and stay active on Influenster and you are good to go!
  • Answer Snaps: On your dashboard you will see a tab that says "snaps," basically these are questions to answer that help you gain points for your badges.

    If you have answered all the snaps then this will show up, good job!
  • Participate in Virtual Boxes: You can find these when you click on the "campaign" tab. Most of the time Influenster will be having at least one Virtual Boxes that you can participate in. These are online tasks such as writing reviews or taking pictures for a brand. Usually the top 10 (less or more) participants will receive gift cards or free stuff from the brand.

You could win some great gifts!

 #7 Be Patient and Wait
  • Yea, I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear. Influenster sends out themed boxes around every month or two so even if you are eligible to get a box you might not even find out about it until a few weeks.
  • Continue to participate on and get your social media up to date as well.
  • Bored? Check out my latest blog post!

 #8 Semi Finals Email

how to get free stuff

  • And here is where the fun begins. If Influenster feels like you will be a good match for the next free box then they will send you a semi-finals email. Basically they will ask to you to feel out a survey and make sure to fill out before the time limit is over.
  • These surveys usually ask about your lifestyle and family. If your answers are what they are looking for then you are IN! You will get an email stating that your free box is on its way, make sure to put in your correct mailing address.

 #9 You Got The Box, Now What?
  • Congrats, you now have this amazing free box in your hands. Its important to do what Influenster asks of you so that you can continue to receive amazing free boxes.
  • Usually Influenster will ask you to review the products on, take pictures, post about it on social media, follow the brands, and make a review on your blog. 
  • Don't worry this part is fun, simply get creative and enjoy your new products!

 #10 Mandatory Post-Survery
  • Its important that you fill out the mandatory survey that comes up a few weeks after you receive a free box. If you don't fill it out on time, then you will no longer be eligible to participate in upcoming free boxes. 
And thats all she wrote! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please spread a little love by commenting below, sharing this post, or by following my blog. Thank you xoxo

Here are a few things I have received in my Voxbox over the years:
Matrix Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave in cream
Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner (jumbo size)
Lancome mascara, two eyeliners, cream & makeup remover
& so much more!

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by this post, I simply have been on Influenster since the beginning and love it. All picture are from 

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