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How to Get an Influenster Vox Box Full of Free Makeup and Increase Impact Score

free makeup and beauty items
You may have seen Influenster Voxboxes floating around Instagram and are wondering how you can too receive hundreds of dollars worth of free makeup, beauty, and food items.

Every month Influenster releases free Voxboxes to members of filled with luxury makeup brands such as Lancome, appliances such as a Keurig and haircare from brands such as Matrix. All of these free products can be yours too simply by following my insider guide on how to receive a free Voxbox and increase your impact score. 

Want to check out all the free stuff I have received from Influenster? Check the bottom of this post!

10 Tips to Recieve a free Voxbox 

get free makeup and beauty items

 #1 Join Influenster and Link All Social Media

influenster impact score
  • Sign up for Influenster and follow the initial directions. 
  • Link up each of your social media accounts even if you don't have a big following! I linked up my Twitter and Instagram when I had under 100 followers and that's totally fine (I still got free stuff!). Also make sure to link up your Pinterest, Youtube, and any other accounts you have. I personally didn't have a Foursquare and a WordPress account so I left that be. 
  • Invite 20 friends to Influenster. By doing so you can receive 5 points per friend that goes through with registering.
  • All in all, your impact score will be the number of followers from each social media platform as well as points gained from inviting friends. The higher the impact score the greater chance of receiving boxes (& more often).
 #2 Increase Followers on Social Media
  • The main way to get your impact score higher is to gain followers on your social media accounts.
  • Some ways to do this is to stay engaged and current on social media sites. 
  • Here are my social media accounts:
 #3 Unlock Expert Badges

free makeup and beauty items

free makeup and beauty

  • Under your profile picture, there will be a button that says "badges" click here to see all of your badges. Badges included on this page are expert badges (such as Globetrotter) and campaign badges (such as Nexxus). 
  • Expert badges are a great way to tell Influenster what you are passionate about and in turn possibly receive free products that align with your interests. To unlock a badge you need to gain 100 points. You can do this by writing reviews which gives you 5 points, answering questions which gives you 5 points and sharing for 3 points.
  • Try to post reviews and answer questions for products that are under these badges frequently as it shows that you are interested in these products. Showing that you engage with your expert badges shows Influenster even more that you are ready for a Voxbox!

 #4 Answer Snap Surveys

free makeup and beauty products
  • Snap surveys are all about Influenster learning about what you like and what you are passionate about. These surveys range from asking what kind of makeup you purchase to what kinds of pets you have. Make sure to check this often as they add new surveys frequently. 

 #5 Write Reviews and Answer Questions

get free makeup and beauty

  • In my experience writing reviews and being active on Influenster is the best way to receive a Voxbox. I try to write reviews weekly on all the products I use. 
  • Make sure to write a thoughtful review for the products you choose to talk about. 
  • For example, I wrote a product review for my favorite holy grail mascara Maybelline's The Colossal. I'm obsessed with this yellow bottle so I made sure to convey that in my review!

 #6 Spend Time on Influenster Every Week
get free makeup and beauty
  • The best way to show Influenster that you're serious about receiving free goodies is putting time each week to be active on Influenster.
  • Write reviews
  • Answer Questions
  • Participate in Virtual Boxes. These are campaigns where you don't receive a box in the mail but instead have tasks that require you do things such as take pictures, use a hashtag, and review a product.
  • I was invited to participate in the Living Proof Virtual box. Here they wanted me to review a Living Proof hair product and post about it on Instagram. What's super cool about Virtual boxes is that they offer prizes that you could win when you complete these campaigns.
 #7 Be Patient and Wait

  • Influenster releases Voxboxes throughout the month so make sure to stay active on Influenster for a chance to receive one as well. 
  • While you wait check out my favorite website to earn free cash while you do your own online shopping. I have earned over $150 from Ebates! (Join now an earn a free $10 gift card!)
 #8 Take the Email Surveys 

get free beauty and makeup

  • And here is where the fun begins! If Influenster feels like you would be a good match for the next free Voxbox then they will send you an email similar to the one above. They will ask you to fill out a short survey and give them your address where you want your free Voxbox to be shipped to.
  • These surveys usually ask about your lifestyle and shopping habits. If your answers are what they are looking for then you are IN! You will get an email stating that your free box is on its way! Cheers!
 #9 You Got The Box, Now What? Campaign Time. 
  • Congrats, you now have this amazing free box in your hands! Take a look at all your goodies and try out the products. 
  • Influenster will then ask you to complete tasks for that box's campaign. Tasks include following some brands on social media, reviewing the products, and posting pictures. Try to complete every task so it shows Influenster that you want more free Voxboxes! 
  • For bonus prizes, Influenster awards the top people for each campaign to receive more free products from the brands that were in that campaign! Yay!
 #10 Mandatory Post-Survey
  • As the campaign comes to an end you will receive a mandatory post-survey through your email. The survey will ask questions about the products you received in your box. Make sure to complete this so you will be able to receive more boxes! 
Here are a few things I have received in my Voxbox over the years:
  • Keurig 2.0 (Yes a full-sized Keurig!)
  • Matrix Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-In Cream
  • Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner (jumbo size)
  • Lancome mascara, two eyeliners, cream & makeup remover
  • SOOO much makeup!
  • A bunch of fun goodies for pets
  • & so much more!
Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this helps you receive a ton of free goodies from Influenster! I would love to see what everyone receives so tweet me or comment below! 
get free makeup and beauty

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored, I simply have been on Influenster since the beginning and love it. All pictures are from This post may contain affiliate links. The post does not guarantee that you will receive a Voxbox. 

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