Thursday, February 20, 2014


Must Have Purse Essentials

Must Have Items and Essentials for your Purse

What’s in a girls purse, is like what is in her diary. Every women has a personal arrangement of her go-to’s, must have’s and current obsessions. Each purse has its own story from lusting over it in the department store to picking it up at Marshals. My purse is similar to what is featured above, I love bright and trendy items.

 Must Haves
  1. Picking the right purse for you is so important. Anywhere from an over the shoulder to huge tote bags, you want a purse that fits your personal style and is comfortable. I love classy black bags for special events. But always have an eye for the bright and interesting purses hanging in the windows of Coach, Michael Kors, and Marshalls.
  2. Lotion: A must have for us busy girls. I love this one because it has a cute print on it, but really any quality lotion work for me!
  3. Inspiration Notebook is such an obsession of mine. Everyday I like to jot down my favorite quotes, blog ideas, fitness motivation, and random lists (like what concerts I would love to go to and what I need to pack for a trip).Want to see inside my inspiration notebook? Leave a comment down below
  4. Red Lipstick: A trendy girls best friend. Vavavoom-up an outfit with classy red lips giving everyone the impression that this girl has confidence and knows what’s up
  5. Dry Shampoo: Ever wonder how Victoria Secret models get those beautiful voluminous hairstyles? Well the real secret is…. DRY SHAMPOO. Spray that bad boy at the roots of your hair and instantly it gives you a lift. Go from greasy and thin hair to Kim Kardashian volume. (Kylie Jenner wrote that her "crazy volume comes from dry shampoo"). Its one of the best afternoon pick ups!
  6. Polka Dot Wallet: Trendy and cute and crazy easy to find.
  7. EOS Lip Balm: Need I say more? This lip balm has been coveted around the board. For less than 3 dollars you get a moisturizing lip balm that also comes in cute flavors and colors that gives you the finishing touch for a well packed (& styled) purse.
  8. Cute Sunnies: Sunglasses are such a staple for a cute outfit! They are great to tuck away in your purse for easy access and also great for covering tired eyes from staying up late or not getting your favorite coffee in the morning
I love having a trendy purse on my side, with all my obsessions inside!

What are your purse essentials? Leave a comment below letting me know!

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