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Best Hairstyles for Prom

hairstyles for prom
There's nothing more exciting then Prom season for high schoolers (or Spring for the rest of the world!). Prom is all about getting dolled up and dancing your heart out. With this guide the "dolling up part" might come a little bit easier. Get even more fabulous with this guide, so grab a cup of lemonade and enjoy! 

 Dress With Straps
Wavy Hairstyle
Prom dresses with straps aka push-up-bra (aka fab). Finding a dress with straps will give you that extra va va voom factor. Pair this dress with relaxed curls, wavy curls, or straight hair. 

Doll up like celebrities:

One Shoulder Strap Prom Dress
side up do

One shoulder dresses are semi new to the Prom scene, stick out of the crowd (in a good way!) with this unique style that shows off your shoulders and arms. This dress pairs perfectly with a side up do such a bun or braid. 

Doll up like Celebs:

Strapless Dress/Sweetheart
curly hair

These dresses are straight up glamours. Very popular for Prom because the tend to compliment any body style. Tame your gorgeous locks into princess curls. Add a touch of red carpet, with diamond jewels/accessories. You will truly feel like a beautiful princess dancing the night away. And how about a glass slipper?

Doll up like a celeb:

Open Back Dress
up do hairstyle
Open back, Ooohh La La. This dress has the oomf factor. This bad boy will turn heads. Compliment this fab dress with an updo that will allow the open back to be seen.

This is Seen on Celebs:


Now its time to spend countless hours on Pinterest to create your perfect night. 

Whats the dress/hairstyle your going to rock for Prom 2014? Leave me a comment down below :)


  1. My prom dress this year is a gorgeous open back dress with jewels. It's pink and I'm so happy with it. I really like the idea of an updo becuase I totally want to show off my back! I'm going to show my hair stylist this post to go off of. I'm so exicted but nervous! Thank you for the tips it seriously helps a lot

  2. I actually own exactly this MK watch and have to say I absolutely love love love it!!!!!!
    Lovely blog hun :-*


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