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Dorm Decor Ideas

How to make your dorm cute

Must have dorm decor to transform your dorm from blah to fab; because after all its your new home, your new space. So why not make it beautiful, comfy, and totally cute. 

Hmmm but its starts out looking like this...
picture from

The walls are white and boring, and the floors are cold and stale looking. With these few tips and ideas you'll no longer feel like your living in a jail cell. 

Cute Bedding
This is by far one of the most important ways to spruce up your room. Try finding a bed spread that fits your personality and gives some color to the room. You can find amazing bed sets at or cheaper ones from Target. 

Here are some cute ones:
From Amazon
From Target

Trust me, having a lot of seating in your dorm room somehow attracts friends. Pick up a few seating options and your room might just be the hangout spot.

Here are some of my favorite:


Wall decor is a must, since dorm room walls are so plain and white. Great sites to find posters are and

Here are some cute ones:

Waking up in the morning and walking on cold tile or plastic flooring is not ideal. Instead treat your feet  to stylish and comfortable rugs.
From Dormco

Decorative Pillows
Pillows are such a great way to add your personal style into your dorm room. is great because you can customize them!
Wall Decals
White walls be gone! Show your inner decorator self with your favorite decals.

Storage, Step, and Seating. Place extra towels, bedding, or shoes inside. Have your friends sit on these, or step up to your bed on this.

Stylish Picture Frames
Glam up your room with some cute picture frames filled with your loved ones from home.

Gorgeous lights will make your room feel cozy and comfy. 

Your dorm does not have to be white and cold instead splash your personal style all over it and call it your new home for the next few months. 

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