Tuesday, January 13, 2015


5 Trends to Actually Try

How to Transition from Runway to Street Style

Maybe your flipping through a magazine while getting a manicure and you see some runway outfits that well you'll just never wear...ever. Instead of tossing the magazine out with the morning paper take a look how you can transform that look to tailor your tastes. And so begins 5 Trends to Actually Try (and how to make them realistic).
fashion week trends

1. XXL Coats aka Trench Coats

  • Instead of wearing over-bearing coats that seem to swallow your body shape, try a fitted trench coat. Trench coats are a great way to warm up this fall as well as keep your wallet in good shape.

trends to wear  kate middleton
From Runway to Everyday Wear
Get this look: Trench Coats

2. Elaborate Fairytale Dresses More Like Big Skirts
  • Wearing elaborate dresses might not be everybody's daily wear. A great take on dressy every day wear is wearing big skirts paired with girly accessories.

fashion trends to wear
From Runway to Everyday Wear
Get this look: This Skirt or This Skirt (on sale)

3. Menswear Done Right

  • All over the runway are models practically drowning in menswear fabric and that might not be realistic for everybody, instead add a few mens pieces along with normal basics from your wardrobe for a fitted look.

women wear mens wear
From Runway to Everyday Wear
Get this look: Tie, Blazer
4. From Allover to Hint of Glitter
  • Nowadays us girls practically bathe in glitter. Instead of an allover glitter look like Edward (think twilight), hints of glitter brings out femininity and glamour to any outfit. 

fashion trends
From Runway to Everyday Wear // Picture Credit
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5. Half Moon Nails 

  • Nails like these are popping up everywhere from the runway, to the red carpet, to bloggers everywhere. A simple way to add something new and unique to your nails.
demi lavato nains
Half moon nails on Demi Lavato
Get this look: Nail polish

Would you try any of these trends? Make sure to let me know down below!


  1. I like how you modified them, it makes them so much easier to recreate. I've been wanting to dip into big skirts for a while, just haven't found the right one yet.

    And as for half moon nails, nobody does them like Dita Von Teese! She has done them for decades, it's her signature nail, I've always admired it. :)

    Z. | J. POTTER

  2. Dita Von Teese nails for sure! Love them:) Glad you enjoyed this post xoxo maddy


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