Thursday, April 10, 2014


Blogger Must Haves

Whether you are fashion, beauty, style, travel, or lifestyle (or somewhere in the middle) blogger these are the items us bloggers cant live without, or just really love. 

The It List

Doodling, making lists, scheduling, and pouring out your heart are just a few things that bloggers use notebooks for. Picking up your favorite print, can make the boing paper work seem a lot more fun and fashionable!
Animal Print  Flower & Striped (free shipping on both!)

Trucking around your laptop through flights, coffee stops, fashion week, parks, and basically anywhere you go sounds a little risky. Laptop case is necessary for keeping your laptop safe and sound and working properly. And who couldn't resist this Marc Jacob's one?
13" Computer Case 15" Computer Case (free 3 day shipping) 


Not only am I a fan of color coding my whole life (color coded closet, schedule, etc) but I LOVE colorful and printed pens that look adorable in a glittery cup on my desk. Pens are a must have for bloggers.
Colorful Pens (free 3 day shipping)

Although this isn't a must have, almost every blogger comes across one of these sooner or later. I have seen bloggers make chalkboard labels for a dinner seating, making chalkboard menus, chalkboard labels for drinks, hanging in their kitchen or office, or just plain doodling on it. Chalkboard paint/ boards are a fun way to spruce up your life and feel a little bit like have a personal Pinterest decorator. 
Chalkboard Banner Chalkboard Wall Decal (buy one get one 30% off)

Behind every gorgeous style outfit is a boyfriend, mom, sister, or friend holding a camera and shooting like they know what they are doing. And sometimes they do! But if not buying a camera that is easy to use, and reliable is really important. The mint colored camera is a Polaroid camera that gives you instant pictures to hang on your walls and display on your fridge. Not really for taking pictures for your blog, so instead pick up a digital camera for that kind of work.
Polaroid Camera DSLR Camera Grab and Go Camera

Is it just me or do bloggers work insane hours? 4 hours a day perfectly your blog isn't anything compared to some who have blogging as their full time job and props to them! Coffee might just be some bloggers saving grace. Whats better than a pick-me-up in a trendy fashionable cup? 
Super Cute Striped Coffee Cup (advertised free shipping!)

Whether these are your must haves or just simply things your love, let me know by commenting down below!


  1. Same here, Im obsessed with writing down lists! :)

  2. The notebooks would be perfect for organising my uni notes from my personal scribblings, gorgeous! Xx

  3. Hello lovely! I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award! Check out my latest post for the details! :)



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