Friday, April 18, 2014


Prom Tips: Clutch

Your every day style might include carrying a giant purse of goodies, must haves, and obsessions, but for prom, you have to slim it down to a few must-haves. And now your
  thinking: theres no way to pack everything you need into a little clutch! And if your worried about what should make the cut, don't fret because we have all the details. Here you'll find just what you need to keep your makeup lasting through  pictures, dinner, and the dance—and nothing you don't. 

The It List
  1. Powder. Hundreds of celebrities pack these into their clutches for the red carpet, simply put they
  are a life saver for looking your best in the spotlight. When taking pictures to avoid shine, sweat, or
  discoloration dab a few swipes of powder on your face and your ready to go. Ready, Set, Smile for
  the camera! If you haven't tried Mac Mineralized Skin finish Natural than I highly recommend you
  do, some consider this their holy grail of powders, so make sure to get your hands on this sometime. 

  2. Little Mirror. Theres nothing worse than putting on makeup blind (or without a mirror). Have you
  seen those videos on Youtube where they put on makeup "blind"? Its disastrous! Save stressing out
  for another day, certainly not on your prom day, with a convenient handled mirror.
  3. Mascara. Keep those eyelashes fluttery, long, and luscious all through out the night with mascara
  tucked in your clutch. Have you tried Falsies by Maybeline yet? 

  4. Blotting Cloth. Its almost inevitable that at some point during the night you will be getting a little
  hot. I mean your wearing a floor length gown aren't you? Keeping a blotting cloth by your side will
  eliminate embarrassing sweat or shine. Keep fresh with these Bosicas blotting cloths. 
  5. Lipgloss/ Lip Stain. Duo time! Apply a lip stain to your lips so you wont have to be reapplying lip
  color every 20 minutes, and top off with a shiny lipgloss that will keep you lips looking luscious and
  glowing all night.
  6. Bobby Pins. They take up no space, they are cheap, and they can do wonders to your hair. Every
   hairstyle will benefit from bobby pins half way through prom when the harlem shake comes on. Keep  
   these babies tucked away just in case.
    Bobby Pins $1.94

  7. Deodorant. I would add this is if you have space left in your clutch. Stay fresh all night long.

  8. Small Fragrance. Stay smelling amazing all night long with a little perfume tucked away in your

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Let me know in the comments below what you will be packing into your clutch for prom!


  1. My mom passed away last year, but I might buy some cute funny pacifiers for some of my new mom friends.

  2. I would get my mom the Keep Calm and Love Mom Mug

  3. Doxie Dash - Pink Coffee Mugs

  4. Chic Southern CharmApril 22, 2014 at 8:21 PM

    I like the We love you Nana Mother's Day mug.

  5. Tandi Cortez-RiosApril 22, 2014 at 8:32 PM

    I love the Keep Calm and Love Mom coffee mug!

  6. I would get her a mug because she loves her coffee every morning!

  7. I would love to buy my momma the vintage purple swirls and butterflies water bottle with her name on it :)

  8. I love Maybelline Falsies Mascara, and Kleenex do some great blotting papers that don't remove your make up- a definite must have for nights out! x

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