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Vacation Packing Must Haves

Vacation Packing Must Haves
by Remi Mayer

Vacation is the time of the year we all live for. There is something almost magical in the way our minds look forward to the moment when we will leave our homes, lives, and jobs, ad head off somewhere where stress is forgotten… Or so many people believe. Here is a list of my must haves- for beach gooers, and adventure junkies. 

 Toiletry Bag
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There are so many posts that you can find that define what you need and why you need it. True, there is a lot of good advice, but generally, what you need depends on your personal preference, and the amount of makeup you will bring will depend on how much makeup you normally use! Normally, I recommend brining the basic makeup that you use every day - it’s vacation time and you won’t spend too much time getting ready, especially not for the beach. Clear makeup bags are great for vacation because its easier to find your go-to items and hit the beach!

The Tops

Vacation time always calls for lightweight chiffon like blouses and slouchy tops, at least for me. From sheer dresses and flowy beach kaftans to loose and relaxed blouses. No matter what events or adventures you take part in a few of the basics will go a long way (and save space in your suitcase). And of course, don’t forget to pack some summer dresses for those fancy nights out, when you go clubbing with your girls. Cheers!

The Bottoms
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Maybe its just me, but I love to eperiment on vacation and wear trendy options that I might not put on at home. Who can resist all those beautiful shorts?  With flower or Aztec prints, high-wasted shorts and skirts, skorts and all the other options available? I find it a sheer pleasure combining vacation outfits – my only recommendation is to bring simple sheer tops and combine them with different bottoms – it’s definitely a twist compared to regular outfit combining.

The Accessories
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Regardless of everything else, accessories are a must-have in every bag and on every vacation.

 There is no way you are going to look half as good if you don’t include stylish hats and scarves in your outfits. Big rings, a few belts, and a couple of statement necklaces will do the trick. However, you might want to be careful with the jewelry you wear to the beach – some of it could rust away or change color and thus ruin some of your favorite pieces. If you really want to add that splash of color and interest, some colorful plastic jewelry could do the trick and are budget friendly!

Trendy Accessories 
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When I say Trendy Accessories, I am talking about something more than just your basic jewelry. For me it’s a whole other type of vacation if you are going to be visiting festivals – this requires a whole new fashion sense. Festivals are there to make you feel free and unleash your inner creativity, so I’d say you have to pack some festival essentials. 

Gear up with neon body paint, glitter, flower crowns and colorful bikinis; bangles, chunky rings, crop tops and fringe are your best friends.
Improvising is great, heading off into the unknown armed only with enthusiasm and good will is a wonderful gift, but it can get you into trouble. It’s good to leave your vacation spontaneous and full of excitement, but plan your packing more carefully.

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  1. I love Birkenstocks! I'll have to check out these sites. Great blog BTW.

  2. This is such a nice post! Loved different design of shorts, especially white ones. I'm obsessed with white color. Jewelry is very gorgeous.

  3. I've seen quite a few posts about Birchbox and I've been wanting to sign up for awhile now. They always have such an amazing variety of products. Thank you for the code. I can't wait to register!

  4. I love that little purse/ makeup bag! I've been looking for something like this for a while! Lovely post!




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