Wednesday, March 23, 2016


BootayBag Review: Is it Worth It?

monthly subscription

What is BootayBag?
BootayBag is a monthly subscription that brings you 2 cute undies right to your door each month for just $12 (plus free shipping!)

When I saw my package arrive I was so excited! 
I received 2 cute undies in my "Hello Babe: I'm here" package.

monthly subscription

My first undie is dark purpleish with pink lace. It fit like a cheeky underwear and it's so comfortable!

monthly subscription
This is the back of the undie and its my favorite part. So cute!
monthly subscription

My second undie is dark purple with a striped pattern on the top and dark purple lace. This was more full coverage on the backside. 
monthly subscription
And another view:
monthly subscription

Overall I really like these undies and I would say that it is worth it to sign up for a monthly subscription!
I am obsessed with undies so this is my perfect subscription. 
Who wouldn't love a little undie-love every month!
monthly subscription

*I received this product for free. I am very thankful to team up with companies to write honest reviews. I really do love this product!

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