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Must-Have College Dorm Items

Moving into my college dorm 3 years ago and now moving into my college apartment this year has been nothing short of exciting, fun, and terrifying all at once. Yes it's beyond fun to decorate to your hearts desire but it is a little scary moving out of your parent's house into your own space. Here are my 5 Must-Haves I have found that are essential to my college apartment and dorm. Make it easy on yourself and pick up some of the items below so you won't be missing out on college apartment life!

what to bring for your dorm

#1 A Great Wifi Router Aka Netgear Nighthawk 

Honestly, this is number 1 on my list because I just couldn't survive college without having great wifi. Not only is it essential for turning in assignments and studying, I would really miss my Vampire Diaries and Scandal nights.

Finding a great wifi router is all about making sure that you buy one that can support all of the devices you use wifi on. In my apartment, my roommate and I share this wifi router. Together we have around 4-5 devices that require wifi each day. And let me tell you, this one is amazing. It works great for movie marathon nights and group study sessions. It's like I have been waiting my whole life for a great wifi router, and now I do.

Usually, wifi drives me crazy; I can never seem to watch Netflix without it buffering or use my phone to scroll through Instagram while watching an online lecture. This wifi router makes it all possible. I love this wifi router, like a lot.

This bad boy is like the cream of the crop of wifi routers.

#2 Brita Water Filter 

Moving into an apartment I just wasn't sure of the quality of water I was getting through the tap so I decided to try out a Brita Water Filter Pitcher. It wasn't too expensive and it's not much of a hassle at all. I simply fill the pitcher up every morning (or when it's getting low) and enjoy filtered delicious cold water throughout the day.

Keeping hydrated in college is really important, so drink on!

#3 Foam Mattress Topper

I swear by these. Every bed I have ever owned had one of these bad boys on it, and yes I basically felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. It's a great investment, for about only $170 I will have this mattress topper to go on my bed for as long as I need. And maybe someday i'll purchase my dream king size pillow top mattress, but for now, this does the trick.

This one is only $167.99 and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Trust me this 4-inch dual layer memory foam is worth every penny.

Guys sleep in college is important too, so sleep on!

#4 Soft and Cozy Sheets

I have never been a sheet connoisseur. I honestly had no idea how to pick out great sheets. Thankfully my best friend told me about these Target sheets that were the perfect mix of softness, great quality, and affordable. I got mine in white and I love the look and feel.

#5 The Perfect Cozy Cuddle Blanket

As you can tell I'm a sucker for all things cozy and soft. And boy does this knock that out of the park. This blanket is beyond soft. People feel my blanket and run (to their computer) to Amazon to pick up one for their self. The best part? It's only $19.99 and ships free with Amazon prime.

#6 The Essential How to Do Well in College Book

This inexpensive ebook is all about how to improve your grades without spending countless hours at the library studying. Purchase this book now and keep hold of it throughout your college experience. P.S. it's only 38 pages so it is not a heavy read.

Haven't purchased Amazon Prime yet? Well lucky for you college students receive half a year of free prime! I did it and it was the best decision I have made. Ever.

Thanks for reading and enjoy purchases all the goodies for your apartment or dorm!

*This post could contain affiliate links. I received the wifi router in exchange for an honest review.*

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